Our Work

UBM Designs is professionally managed IT company with employment policies and systems radiate from a single principle “Believe in people”.
People are our most valued asset & strength.

With 20 years continuous accumulating technology for Document Imaging and GIS Implementation, whose competitive edge hinges on the skills and technical know-how of its staff, UBM owes much of its success to the hard work and dedication of its employees. We have our strong points to complete job given:

- Our staffs are mostly supported by a efficient management team. Technical personnel for 70% of the company staff count and among them are IT Diploma holders. About one-thirds of our staffs possess post-graduate degrees.

- With a standard operation procedures of document imaging that we applied we are confident that we could full fill your requirements on converting your documents.

- We have enough equipments for Document Imaging which could catter up to a million documents and available from small size and up to wide size.

- With all the successful projects which we have done, we are strongly believe our experiences could provide you a quality and guaranteed services.